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PBC Trading has gone through various transformations over the years. We originally began as a small start-up company producing crafts (candles, artwork etc.) in early 1986. This soon developed into a larger concern producing juggling and circus equipment. A series of shops were opened in Bristol, UK, which traded as Freaks Unlimited. We were only the second juggling shop to open in the UK and became for a while the biggest juggling shop in Europe with one of the largest ranges of juggling and circus products in the world, including the Freaks Unlimited brand own range.

The Freaks Unlimited range has always been associated with high quality, excellent design and durability. The full range was sold all around the world to professional performers and amateurs alike.

When the high street shops were closed to take advantage of the emerging internet market, we became Bohanna Publishing and started to produce web sites and photography for clients, whilst continuing to manufacture a select range of the Freaks Unlimited products.

The original founder of the business, Paul Bohanna, has always had a strong personal interest in antique English ceramics and spent some time, previous to being in business, working in the archaeology department of the Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery. He is also a studio potter (or ‘Artist’ potter depending on your viewpoint) and has a combined 1st Class Honours degree in Business Computer Systems & Ceramics.

It was therefore natural that the internet soon provided the perfect outlet for selling antique ceramics and books on ceramics as a new venture. The business then became Paul Bohanna Ceramics in October 2002 and continued to produce a selection of the Freaks Unlimited products as well as selling antique ceramics and ceramics books and a whole lot more.

The decision was made in late 2006 to divide the various trading activities into seperate identities with their own individual on-line shops. These now include the following businesses:

Freaks Unlimited (freaksunlimited.com)

Ceramics Books (ceramicsbooks.com)

Wax Bright Candle Maker’s Supplies (waxbright.com)

Artist Silk Screen Supplies (artistscreensupplies.com)

We have built up a lot of manufacturing expertise over the years and now produce a wide range of inventive niche market products including candle moulds, silk screen printing exposure lamps and other equipment. As bulk importers of certain goods and materials we are able to offer exceptionally competitive prices on many products.

We also offer a range of products and materials that are generally only otherwise available in very large quantities, including plastic tube inserts, plastic nut caps, aluminium tubes & sections, aluminium soldering rods etc. Our unique perspective is in offering these products in quantities small enough to meet the needs of individual users as well as supplying workshops and businesses wishing to carry out research and development without them being forced to invest heavily in large volumes. Though we can also supply larger quantities if and when required. These products will be offered on-line in our new venture ‘Material Metrics’ in the near future but enquiries are welcome now.

It is our aim to build on our success and growth by continually increasing our range of innovative products. Please add our site to your ‘favorites’ so that you can easily return to see what’s new.



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